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Stingless Bees


In Brazil, Apis mellifera is the bee traditionally used as a honey producer. These bees were brought here from Europe and Africa and, escaping from cultivation systems, populated the country and are now found everywhere. These bees produce honey, but cause us fear due to the serious accidents with their bites.
But what many people do not know is that there are stingless bees that do not cause us any harm and are very important for pollination of crops and native vegetation. They nest in hollow trunks, branches, underground or even in wall cavities. Many of them live alone or in small groups, but others form huge colonies and many can be raised in artificial systems for honey production or just as a way to protect them from extinction, for they often find it difficult to survive in man-made environments.
For that reason I suggest those who like nature, to raise native stingless bees in their gardens for ornamental and educational purposes, disclosing the existence of these bees and the need for its conservation.