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Environmetal Revitalization


Biodiversity is our greatest treasure. Whether in Brazil or in any other part of the globe every living being is unique in its genetic constitution. Even having made amazing progress, science is still unable to create life and might never be. But every day there are new and surprising scientific findings. Many of these are based on studies on living beings. Thus when you consider that only about 15% of all the species on Earth have been cataloged, we can imagine the value of those that are yet to be discovered.
It is known that every day many species, catalogued or not, are extinct. These are lost and will never be recovered. A great deal of food, medicine and other products that could have been produced are thus unfeasible. Species are driven to extinction due to human interference in the environment.
Environmental revitalization is a tool to be used and consists of supporting life in its different forms, contributing to their conservation. This positive intervention can be made in both rural and urban areas, bringing us great benefits for the valuable ecosystem services that a revitalized area provides.